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An interesting field in the study of the human body is the study of special aspects of ‘fingerprints’. This entity of a human body, that’s distinctive and diverse for every human, has the potential to tell a lot about its owner, especially about their health.

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What can your fingerprints tell about you?

We, at Lifemudra, provide health diagnostic services by the observation of our clients’ ‘fingerprints’. We generate detailed report of by birth Normal Disorders / Genetically Disorders. Further we generate detailed report of nerve disturbances in Organs

The science behind

To have an idea of how knowledge about the human body can be acquired with the help of their fingerprints, having brief information about the science of fingerprints is advantageous.

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Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is generally relaxing and may be an effective way to alleviate stress

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What can your fingerprints tell about you? presents one of the most comprehensive and premium personalized health and ill health content and reports on the web. Personalized reports are delivered online or by email.

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Meet the Dermatoglypologist

Our Dermatoglypologist Mr Venkateswara Rao will Predict Disorders in Brain, Reproductive System (Ovary-Testis),Kidneys, Pancreatic and In Heart.

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Send us your fingerprints!

Here's your chance to get a comprehensive reading of your fingerprint to get a report on your health status from our Dermatoglypologist Mr. M. Venkateshwara Rao.