Thanks for enquiries regarding lifemudra. Request you to make a member of lifemudra.   Helps in making analysis of Organ disorders.   From lifemudra CEO, M V Rao

Mr. M. Venkateswara Rao


Human body is gifted in a way that it is naturally symmetrical in all forms; and if not, the individual is considered to be physically challenged. This, however, just applies to the outer appearance of a human body. So an interesting aspect to discuss would be the symmetry / asymmetry of its internal organs.

Fingerprints or friction skin can be very well employed in identifying the asymmetry (disorder) of an internal organ. To achieve this, I have developed a link between finger impressions (friction skin) and human organs which can be used to recognize disorders present in them, if any.

To benefit more people with this technique, we conducted camps at Kurnool and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh, India, and aim at introducing the technique globally. To promote this technology worldwide, we need representatives all over the world. Thus, I have started an organization called lifemudra JUFAG (Joint Universal Fingerprint Analyzer Group) with an intention to use this technique in helping people have a better idea of their health around the world.

Analyzing brain, reproductive system (ovary-testis), kidneys, pancreas and heart. The friction skin technique can be employed in the analyzing of problems like brain and mental ability, problems in ovary and testis, stone formation in kidneys, diabetic position, and heart problems.

If you like helping people and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, you are most welcome to join our group of Lifemudra JUFAG. The technology that I am using in analysis human Organs through fingerprints want to spread over the World that it could benefit the maximum number of people.

The fingerprint technology is very much subject to a massive advancement. The features of fingerprints such as patterns, flowing of ridges, direction of characteristics and others have a greater scope in human health. This technology that has been discussed about in international magazines is only going to widen its extent.

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