Thanks for enquiries regarding lifemudra. Request you to make a member of lifemudra.   Helps in making analysis of Organ disorders.   From lifemudra CEO, M V Rao


What is meant by a Lifemudra?

Lifemudra is a product that can analyze body Organs (Brain, Reproductive System [Testis/Ovary], Kidney (Stone Formation and Filtering Capabilities), Pancreatic Status (Condition of Pancreas) and Heart (Breathing Strength).

What is the minimum fee?

The fee is decided after discussion with the member.

Why should we register?

Registered members can have information about their health status. Thus, it makes it possible for them to take necessary steps for a healthy body.

What is the difference between `General Health' and `Disorder Health'?

'General Health' is when the organs don't have any at the time of fingerprint submission. 'Disorder Health' is when the individual is facing problems since childhood with organs built inside the Womb.

Which fingerprints are required for registration?

Ten Finger inked impressions to be uploaded and registered through

What to keep in mind while sending fingerprints?

Quality fingerprints are required for analysis. Faint and blurred fingerprints, or the ones without ridges should not be used. If there are no ridges, due to the professional work, the prints will not be eligible. If this is the case, it is advised to take fingerprints after letting the fingers rest for some time, for them to re-cope. If re-coupe then, the fingerprints can be inked.

What is the fee for registration of Lifemudra member?

No fees.

What are the follow up actions after registration?

A message will be received by the client.
If personal discussion wanted by the clients Date & time will be fixed will be intimated through email.

What is the fee to be paid for member per annum to get health status throughout the Year?

People who required regular analysis are treated as subscribed clients. They may send fingerprints n’ number of times.

Why needed n’ number of times?

If any nerve damages occurred in concerned organ. It will be detected through fingerprints.

Who wants regular analysis why?

Nerve disturbances (Collapsed) can be identified through fingerprints.

Can anybody other than member of Lifemudra get a copy of Health Analysis Report?

No. It is purely personal.

Is there any procedure to obtain fingerprints?

No specific procedure declared. Get any type of obtaining method. We need best fingerprints where the flow of ridges and ridge characteristics are vivid. This leads to better analysis.
Ink + Slab + Roller give best results.
Pad Ink also can use but obtain fingerprints in clear.
International Ink Pad gives good results.
Whatever it may be ridges and patterns must be clear.

Why needed “Rolled fingerprint?

Some people have deltas appears in right most or left most of the pattern. So needed full rolled fingerprints.

What is the chatting method?

Through Lifemudra portal available Powered by

How do we know your skills in analyzing health through finger impressions are there any way to test your analysis report freely?

Yes for test purpose, send your fingerprints through the usual registration procedure. Send the Id no and requisition message through 'feedback' or 'Meet the Founder' pages of the website, or send an email to For analysis and primary / general information will be provided.
Don’t hesitate to contact or register. After following the result of analysis you may realize the genuine of our analysis technology.

Who is a member of Lifemudra?

Dermatoglyphics Practitioners – DMIT Practitioners - Latent Print Examiners – Fingerprint Experts- Forensic Experts – Medical Practitioners are cordially welcoming register through website for free membership of Lifemudra, and who wants to participate in the expansion of research and technology (health analysis through fingerprints) can be register. This can be done through the registrations page. Generally who are interested in participating research work or to introduce our technology throughout the Universe are cordially invited to join as a Lifemudra member.

What is the benefits you are providing lifemudra member?

Free training classes will be conducted by the founder/dermatoglypologist in analysis of human organs through fingerprints.
Who registered as a life member of Lifemudra will be authorized in using analysis technology.

Who are Client / Representative / Franchiser?

Direct registration for analysis treated as clients.
Representatives appointed by Lifemudra Society to collect fingerprints and to forwarded to Lifemudra Portal.
Franchiser are who wanted to be area wise developers are appointed as Franchiser.